In just 6 weeks, Tessa helped me look at things in my life and business from a new perspective. It’s easy to get stuck in our circumstances and do things the way we always have. She allowed me to shed new light repetitive patterns in my life whereas I was able to see new possibilities. These shifts have been beneficial in my personal relationships as well as in my business. I’m happy I choose to work with Tessa and would highly recommend her to others.
— Bre- Atlanta, GA

“No Shame - No Blame
Tessa is a great coach. She was non judgmental and continually reminded me “‘no shame, no blame”. When I would criticize my past behavior, she quickly said, “up until now” reminding me that no behavior or habit is set in stone. I realized how powerful shifting my perception of something can be. A weekly accountability call was crucial for me to stay on track so I really enjoyed the way she challenged me and opened new possibilities each week.”
— Dede- Atl

Tessa is a fantastic coach with empathy and patience. She leads with courage and heart, asking questions that help you dig deep into your own behavior to reveal what you can do to improve your life and stay focused on your vision. I highly recommend her!
— -Lesa, Atlanta

I am very grateful for this six-week course with Tessa. She is a great coach and her insight was incredibly helpful for what I wanted to learn as well as things I needed to learn from our time together. This experience was very helpful for putting me on the road towards greater success in life.
— Christian, Atlanta

Since working with Tessa I have experienced less stress, conflict and enjoyed having more time in my days. Tessa is very patient and encouraging. She listens intently with great care and constantly pours into me.
— Jade, Atlanta