This is for you

You are of great worth. You have value beyond compare. Yes you reading this, you are loved.
Regardless of what someone may have told you, regardless of your past failures or mistakes. Of a life lived and one forgotten- do you know your worth?

Take a moment to listen to this.

Shake (off) the Dust (on)

That dream you gave up on.
That place you’ve longed to travel (but there’s never been enough money or time)
The phone call you need to make but have been avoiding for weeks.
The nagging health issue- you’re avoiding the answer, in fear of “what if” because not having an answer is easier than dealing with what that answer might be.
The relationship that was broken.
The friendship gone cold.

It’s time to take command of your life!

Chase after those dreams and Re-ignite the flame that still burns for what could be.
Shake the dust- off that suitcase, pinch those pennies, sell the stuff, make the time and TAKE the trip.
Make the call.
Schedule the appointment.
Re-kindle the conversation over coffee and learn where the breakdown occurred.
Shake off the bitterness, the shame, the resentment…
Shake off the someday, maybe one days…
Shake up your life.
Make One Day- Today- YOUR Day.
Extend Forgiveness.
Embrace the news. Work towards healing.
Embrace THIS one life, this breath, this moment.

Tune into your heart- to what’s been buried deep inside crying out…

What’s that one thing you’ve slowly died inside not doing..

GO do it NOW.

Experience what it feels to live again. To be filled up. To choose YOURSELF.

Then watch and see how the world responds, how the impossible becomes possible, how relationships heal and how others begin to choose you, and value your worth.

Tessa Swarthout